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Outdoor Queen Green Double Arch Earring w/Gold Tab

Outdoor Queen Green Double Arch Earring w/Gold Tab

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These beautiful artisan earrings are hand-crafted from recycled materials giving them a unique artistic flair. A coat of epoxy resin is added to ensure durability and longevity. These earrings are extremely lightweight and the color and pattern combinations are reminiscent of beautiful artwork

These, like all our earrings, are a one of a kind designs. The fabulous color palettes are sure to compliment any outfit. They are practical and will work for various occasions, they are sure to give you a unique & stylish look.

Approximately 1 inches in length.

Art is not just for your walls.

• Handcrafted earrings
• Artistic details & unique design
• Comfortable to wear all day long
•Extremely durable & Lightweight

All items are handmade so please allow for slight imperfections and variations.

Due to device and screen differences, there may be variations in the product you see on screen on different devices.

Please note that BDS earrings are handcrafted with recycled materials and must be handled with care.
- Do not bend or allow anything heavy to sit on the earring
- Do not place earrings in a bag without placing them in a box
-Clean with a soft cloth and no harsh chemicals as this will ruin the beautiful finish
-Even though these earrings are very durable, moisture and water should be avoided.


-Item are normally shipped 3-5 days after purchase date.
-We do not accept returns or exchanges on earrings. However, if one breaks due to a flaw in the design, we will send a replacement if it’s within two weeks of your purchase date.

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